Travelling costs seem to increase as time progresses and we honestly are not able to do it by ourselves. I have not yet been able to pull up to a gas station and say " Hi...I am with Anointed Hearts! Can I get some fuel?"  ​It must be paid for before leaving...and in most places before even putting the fuel in your vehicle. Some trips may have a cost for us to eat and even lodge for the night based on distance and start time expectations. These are just the basic costs!! We also have vehicle repairs and upkeep, equipment repair/replacements and CD replenishment costs. Not to mention the fact, in order to record a new CD, it takes additional funds.
​We are unable to do these things without the support of the locations that schedule us and/or folks like you who sow a seed into this ministry. God has blessed us with a few folks that sow a monthly financial seed and if truth be known...we would not have made it this far had it not only been for their financial support but also their faith in us to do what we do for the up building of the Kingdom of God. If you have supported us in the past...THANK YOU... because we are here and still doing this because of you! I promise you...this has not been a "get rich" endeavor. We are just trying to make it to the next service and maybe have some CD's that will uplift and encourage along the way!  
​If you would like to support Anointed Hearts Ministry, please know there are various ways to do so. If you believe in what we are doing...WE NEED YOU!!

1. Continuous prayers without ceasing! We believe in it and prayer does change things.
2. Make a one time or any time donation of any amount via PayPal (the securest way we have found so far) using the link below.
3.  Make a one time or any time donation of $25 via PayPal using the link below.
4. Mail us a check or money order to the PO Box address listed below.

** Any supporters sowing a monthly financial seed will receive any new CD's or products we have for FREE as they become available!!! This is simply because we would not be able to do these things without your support and obedience to the Spirit.

​​As always, we thank you for whatever support you may choose and want you to know it is needed and appreciated! We KNOW that God will surely bless you for it!

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