Singing for an Audience of One!!

Our Philosophy

According to the scriptures... We believe that God has given each of us a task to spread the gospel throughout the world. This ministry is purposed to encourage, uplift, spiritually feed those that are malnourished or weak from the battle! To help minister to that one lost sheep that feels alone and by themselves...remind them of God's promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.                   

Anointed Hearts (The Cole Family)

‚ÄčAnointed Hearts is a family group of singers known as the Cole Family. The group consists of the father, mother and 3 daughters. When they started the group, they wanted a name that would better represent them and their ministry... therefore originating the name "Anointed Hearts" in February 2007. They are rooted in good ole mountain harmonies and the sweet anointing of the Holy Spirit. Each song that is sung is a personal heart-felt testimony by one or all in the group.
"We believe that if it does not minister to can we expect it to minister to the people?" ‚ÄčTheir style of music is Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel and Accapella for good spiritual anointed harmonies. Their roots originate in Eastern Kentucky from the cities of Paintsville and Salyersville, KY.

Who We Are

The Cole Family

(Father, Mother, 3 Daughters)

James Cole

Paula Cole

Courtney Cole

Alison Cole

Emily Cole